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The Editor

Creek Publisher

Stop the Presses!

The Creek prints its final edition..

The September 2011 edition will be our last. After 5 years, 50 issues, the Rock Creek Free Press has printed its final edition. Thank you to all the contributors, volunteers, readers and most of all, our subscribers. We couldn't have done it as long as we did without your help.

Current Issue

September Issue: Tenth Anniversary of 9/11 Special Edition

9/11 Decade of War

Feature Stories this month include: Peeling the Onion of 9/11 from Jim Fetzer, The Drills of 9/11 by Webster Tarpley

Other stories: Sibel Edmonds on why 9/11 still matters. James Petras on the Norwegian Massacre. Thierry Meyssan on Libya. Russ Baker on the propaganda of the NY Times, and more.

Top Stories

August Issue: Internet Propaganda

Widespread infiltration of the internet by government contractors continues. Internet social media sites, many founded by and funded by intelligence connected sources, are now the playground of spook agencies and military contractors, government documents reveal... manufacturing consent in the digital era.

We also have another article from Webster Tarpley. This time an interview from Press TV. Dr. Tarpley has been to Libya to assess the situation on the ground, and as you can imagine, his take is dramatically different from what you get from the lame-stream media.

You know the government and the banksters want to steel your Social Security, we have an article that explains exactly how it is being done. Other stories include: Iran's new oil bourse, Psychotic drugs, the Gaza flotilla and more.

SWAt Team

July Issue: S.W.A.T. Team Mania

The increasing militarization of police departments across the country threatens to turn former 'public servants' into an occupying army. Every day SWAT teams carry out violent and dangerous raids, most of which are unnecessary. There are very few situations that justify the use of military tactics by civilian police yet even small town departments now deploy paramilitary units.

We also have another exclusive article from Webster Tarpley. He notes that Obama now has the US military engaged in FIVE wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and now Syria).

Continuing Coverage: Fukushima, It's Worse than you Think

Dahr Jamail interview independent nuclear experts to get the real story behind Fukushima, and the news is not good... it is worse than most people think.

June Issue: War with Pakistan Looms

on the on-going conflict with Pakistan and the ultimatum from China to keep out. Dr. Tarpley goes into the very real possibility that a US attack on Pakistan could expand into a conflict with China and Russia. It seems every day brings worse news about the situation at the crippled nuclear plant. Now we learn that for sure one, and likely three, of the nuclear cores have melted-down and breached containment. And the situation is far from over.

Also in the June issue of the Creek :
Osama's Last Interview We reprint part of a very interesting interview with Osama bin Laden; the last one he is known to have given.
Ellen Brown on inflation, Paul Craig Roberts on the bin Laden myth and much more.

May Issue: April Gallop Sues Bush Admin and
Special Coverage: Nuclear Power After Fukushima

The May issue of the Creek leads with an interesting 9/11 story: April Gallop is suing the government for injuries suffered on 9/11/2001. She names Cheney and Rumsfeld and others. April's story is compelling because she was an eye witness to the event at the Pentagon and has persisted in here claim that there was no airplane. In classic crony government fashion, one of the judges hearing the case is a cousin of G. W. Bush. Our second big story is a backgrounder on nuclear power and why the industry may persist in spite of enormous catastrophes like Chernobyl and Fukushima.
Other stories this month include Ellen Brown on the Libyan central bank, and many more. As usual, on the editorial page we have commentary from Paul Craig Roberts and editorial cartoon from Joe Sutliff.

Libya Attack

Obama's Bay of Pigs in Libya

The April issue of the Creek leads with an outstanding backgrounder on the Libya attack by Webster Tarpley. Dr. Tarpley provides the historical context and 'great game' perspective you won't find in any other source.
Other important topics are covered as well, from the atomic reactor disasters in Japan, to the payoff to release CIA contractor Ray Davis from Pakistan.
Other stories this month include Greg Palast on nuclear power, UN coverage from Carla Stea, commentary by Chris Floyd and two articles from Paul Craig Roberts. Police State Schools

Are Our Schools Becoming Police States?

This month, the March issue of the Creek , we look at the perverse effects of "Zero Tolerance" policies in our schools. Children are being subjected to the criminal justice system for normal childish behavior, even when no crime exists.
Other stories in the March issue include; an update on the Anthrax Investigation, Coverage of the devastation of Depleted Uranium, and more.

Real Black History

Real Black History... it's not what we were told in school.

This month, the February issue of the Creek takes on the the mythology of Dr. Martin King and of Malcolm X with the real story of the lives, and deaths, of these great men. Americans will never understand the situation in this country, and the poor leadership this country suffers under, if we do not learn the fate of the few real leaders that have risen up from the people. True leaders are cut down and poor facsimiles are promoted in their stead.


Julian Assange the Rock Creek Free Press Man of the Year

There is no question that the documents, cables and e-mails released by WikiLeaks are genuine; they are. Yet questions surround the site and its most visible figurehead, Julian Assange. Even if the the information is genuine, is it complete? Is there undisclosed cherry-picking of the data to support some hidden agenda? Is the site an intel agency honey-pot intended to lure and entrap would-be leakers?

And what of the mysterious Mr. Assange? Will he be derailed by trumped-up rape charges? And what about his unusual childhood in an Australian cult commune? Could the cult have been part of an MKULTRA-style mind control experiment?

In this issue of The Creek we investigate WikiLeaks from many angles, including articles from both champions and critics of the site (see WikiLeaks spread on pages 4-5). And we hear from Mr. Assange himself (interview on p. 3).

Whatever you think of WikiLeaks or Assange, the information they have released has dominated the news for weeks and will likely resonate for months and years to come. For dominating the hard news like no one else, we name Julian Assange the Rock Creek Free Press Man of the Year.

Lynn Margulis and David Ray Griffin

Two Hit, Three Down
The Biggest Lie

National Academy of Science member and Distinguished Professor endorses
David Ray Griffin's work exposing the truth of 9/11

By Lynn Margulis

The Creek, Feb 2010 page 6, Open .pdf >>

Howard Zinn


The “largest lie,” wrote hisorian Howard Zinn, who died January 27th at age 87, is that “everything the United States does is to be pardoned because we are engaged in a ‘war on terrorism.’”

“This ignores the fact that war is itself terrorism, that the barging into people’s homes and taking away family members and subjecting them to torture, that is terrorism, that invading and bombing other countries does not give us more security but less security.”

Science Scandal of the Century

The World’s Most Influential Climate Scientists Get Caught "Fudging" the Data

By Matt Sullivan / Rock Creek Free Press

Climategate is shaping up to be the biggest science scandal in a generation. Given that the theory of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) is being used to argue for radical changes in the economic and energy policies of every government on earth, affecting literally trillions of dollars of tax and economic policy, the stakes literally could not be higher. And the scientists involved in the scandal are the world’s top climate scientists; the driving forces behind the UN’s IPCC (Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate change).

Most corporate print and on-line sources, such as TIME, Huffington Post, The Atlantic, and many others have attempted to downplay the controversy, attributing the seemingly damning quotes from the e-mails to "innuendo and smear campaigns" or saying that they were "taken out of context". White House spokesman Gibbs even characterized the flap as "silly".

Unfortunately for them, the archive of over 1000 e-mails provides ample context for the damning quotes and you don’t need to be a scientist to recognize when people are discussing the fudging of results, destruction of data and underhanded manipulation of the peer-review process. Also unfortunately for them, the more you do know about the science, the more damning the revelations become. This controversy is not going away.

Obama Declares War On Pakistan

By Webster G. Tarpley

Washington DC, Dec. 11 — Obama’s West Point speech of December 1 represents far more than the obvious brutal escalation in Afghanistan — it is nothing less than a declaration of all-out war by the United States against Pakistan. This is a brand-new war, a much wider war now targeting Pakistan, a country of 160 million people armed with nuclear weapons. In the process, Afghanistan is scheduled to be broken up. This is no longer the Bush/Cheney Afghan war we have known in the past. This is something immensely bigger: the attempt to destroy the Pakistani central government in Islamabad and to sink that country into a chaos of civil war, Balkanization, subdivision and general mayhem. The chosen strategy is to massively export the Afghan civil war into Pakistan and beyond, fracturing Pakistan along ethnic lines. It is an oblique war using fourth-generation or guerrilla warfare techniques to assail a country which the United States and its associates in aggression are far too weak to attack directly. In this war, the Taliban are employed as US proxies. This aggression against Pakistan is Obama’s attempt to wage the Great Game against the hub of Central Asia and Eurasia or more generally.

The Creek, Jan. 2010, p. 1. Open .pdf to read >>

Thermitic Red-Gray Chip

Scientists Find Explosives in World Trade Center Dust

By Matt Sullivan / RCFP

Scientists have detected flecks of undetonated explosives in four samples of dust from the World Trade Center catastrophe. A paper just published in the peer-reviewed Open Chemical Physics Journal describes the findings of nine scientists after 18 months of work.

The Creek, May 2009, p. 1. Open .pdf to read >>

Previously in the Creek

March 2010

Miracle Mineral Protects Your Brain

State Dept. Allowed Underwear Bomber On Flight

The Peace Movement Versus the 9/11Truth Movement

Lessons For America From The White Rose

Americans on Government Assassination List


The Infection Deception:

WHO Vaccine Scam Exposed

February 2010

The Infection Deception:

Deep politics, global health policy, and the swine flu debacle

By Byron Belitsos and Dr. Len Saputo


WH Press Corps Forbidden to Ask Certain Questions

By Wayne Madsen / Wayne Madsen Report

On the banned list are any questions about Obama’s post-Columbia University employment with Business International Corporation (BIC), a global financial and political information company that WMR previously reported was a front for the CIA.

White House Press Corps members have been quietly told that any questions related to BIC, Obama’s withheld records while he was a student at Occidental College in Los Angeles from 1979 to 1981, or his records at Columbia, are forbidden.

A Possible Cure for MS

Italian Surgeon Claims High Success Rate Against MS

By Sheila Casey    

US Sole Opponent of UN Anti-Nazi Resolution

By Carla Stea    

January 2010

Obama Declares War On Pakistan

By Webster G. Tarpley

The Creek, Jan. 2001, p. 1. Open .pdf to read >>

Science Scandal of the Century

The World’s Most Influential Climate Scientists Get Caught "Fudging" the Data

By Matt Sullivan

Flight 77 Blackbox: Cockpit Door Never Opened During 9/11 "Hijacking"

Flight Data Recorder

By Sheila Casey / Rock Creek Free Press

Pilots for 9/11 Truth has reported that the data stream from the flight data recorder (FDR) for American Airlines flight 77, which allegedly struck the Pentagon on 9/11, shows that the cockpit door never opened during the entire 90 minute flight. The data was provided by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), which has refused to comment.

The FDR is one of two "black boxes" in every commercial airliner, which are used after accidents to help determine the cause of a crash. One black box records flight data, the other records voice data (everything said in the cockpit during the flight). With those two sets of data, NTSB investigators can usually piece together the events that led to a crash. The status of the door to the cockpit is checked every four seconds throughout a flight and relayed as a simple 0 or 1, where 0=closed and 1=open, with approximately 1,300 door status checks performed during AA77’s 90 minute flight. Every one of those door status checks shows as a 0, indicating that the door to the cockpit never opened during the entire flight.


December 2009

Spurred by AIPAC, US House Denounces Goldstone Report on Israeli War Crimes in Gaza

When the Israel Lobby goes on red alert, it becomes the Jewish Lobby

Judge Goldstone

By Wayne Madsen

Two votes this month show that when backed to the wall, the powerful Israel Lobby can become even more powerful when it marshals the resources of the worldwide Jewish Lobby. The two lobbies went into red alert status over the UN report of well-respected South African judge Richard Goldstone, who is Jewish, a self-described Zionist, and trustee of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. The report recommends an independent investigation into Israeli actions in what the report stated amounted to "war crimes", possibly crimes against humanity. Israel’s invasion of Gaza, code named "Cast Lead," resulted in the deaths of over 1400 Palestinians, many of them children and women.

The reaction of the "twin lobby" to the Goldstone report was quick and fierce.

The Creek, Dec 2010, page 1. Open .pdf >>

November 2009

Anthrax Attack Spawned in Military Bioweapons Lab

The Government has admitted the 2001 Anthrax Letters were a false-flag attack originating from within the US military bio-weapons program.


By Barry Kissin / RCFP

Most observers now admit that the FBI’s account of the 2001 anthrax attacks is seriously flawed.

The scientist the FBI blamed for the attack, Bruce Ivans, experts now agree, had neither the expertise nor the equipment to make the weaponized anthrax used in the attacks.

Japan Quits GWOT

Japan Refueling in Indian Ocean

As The Creek reported in a Project Censored award winning story in February 2008, the Japanese legislature has debated whether to accept the US theory of 9/11 as justification for the Global War on Terror (GWOT). Japanese legislator Yukihisa Fujita argued at the time that the attacks of 9/11 were an inside job...

Fujita’s party, the Democratic Party, won recent elections in September. New Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama has opposed the refueling mission, saying Japan should take humanitarian measures to help Afghanistan restore peace.

Japan’s defense ministry announced in October that Japan will end its nearly 8-year-old refueling mission in support of US-led operations in Afghanistan.

Read the original Project Censored Award winning article.>>

Oct 2009

Obama Worked for the CIA

New Details on Obama’s CIA-Front Employer

By Wayne Madsen / Wayne Madsen Report

WMR has obtained additional details on Business International Corporation (BIC), the CIA front company where President Obama spent a year working after graduating from Columbia University in 1983.

Health Stories - Up | Dn

A Possible Cure for MS

Italian Surgeon Claims High Success Rate Against MS

By Sheila Casey    

The Infection Deception:

Deep politics, global health policy, and the swine flu debacle

By Byron Belitsos and Dr. Len Saputo

Miracle Mineral Protects Your Brain

You will be interested to learn about this inexpensive supplement.

By Sheila Casey / RCFP

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